Expecto Patronum – A Poem

My Dementor lives inside of me.ep

Its actions don’t respond to pleading,

or begging or cries of fear.

I can see my Dementor

inside my skin, running its fingers

along my bones or pricking at

my muscles. It tries to take my life

from me, taking it upon its lips

as if it were performing the

Dementors Kiss. I use my wand

that is a needle to try and keep

my Dementor at bay, to perform

the tricky and difficult Patronus Charm.

However, sometimes, I am unable

to say the words, to shape the syllables

that would protect me. All that comes

out of my lips is a mumble of letters,

of would be words, and they have no power.

Sometimes, I am so fatigued from

the constant battle with my Dementor,

the every day fight to stay whole,

that I am not able to raise my wand

in time before it strikes.

I needed to drive it back, to conquer,

to have power over it instead of

it having power over me.

Knowing that my Dementor

is strongest inside my legs,

making walking difficult and painful,

I chose to make my own magic,

to cast a spell that would remain,

even when I could not say the words.

A wizard used a different kind of needle

to etch this spell along the skin

of my leg. When I look upon it,

I know without doubt that I

carry the power within me

to vanquish the dark.

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Love Is Magic – A Poem

largeThis poem is for my Wonder Mom Susan and my Wonder Dad Chris who are celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary. I hope the day (February 17th!) is full of love and magic.

Love and Huggles to you both!



Love Is Magic


There is a book sitting

in front of you. There are

words written on the cover.

As you run your finger

along the words, they begin

to glow brightly. The light

begins to pulse softly and

it takes you only a moment

to realise that the pulse of the light

matches the beating of your hearts.

Together, you open the book.

In front of your eyes,

you see yourselves,

ten years younger and filled

with so much happiness. It is

your wedding day and the world

around you reflects your love.

You are looking into each others eyes

and there is so much joy there.

The scene changes and becomes

something else altogether.

You are both standing upon a high mountain,

looking back at everything you have

accomplished together, the lives

that both of you have touched.

The air is filled with scenes

from your past together,

and as the visions of the years

you have spent with each other

swirl above both of you,

making it look as if the wind itself

was made of love everlasting.

The mountain is covered in flowers;

one flower for each time

you told each other “I love you.”

You both turn around and look

towards the future, to where the sun

is shining brightly, casting the land

in a glorious golden light.

You know that though only ten years

has passed, there are many more to come.

As you close the book, you watch as

you both link hands and begin

to walk down the mountain,

towards the light that your love

has brought to the world.

When the book is closed,

it still glows slightly and still pulses,

matching the beating of your hearts.

You run your fingers along the words

that are written there. They are:

Love is magic.

You know this to be true.

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Loving You – A Poem

When I met you,love-is-magic-greeting-card_23-2147503872

I was scared of loving you.

I didn’t have great experience

with the temptress called Love.

I tried to fight it, tried to pretend

that it was something else.

Merely a very acute sense of lust,

possibly a very large infatuation,

or perhaps a very vivid daydream.

However, the more I tried to tell myself

that what I felt for you wasn’t love,

the more the feelings inside of me

insisted I pay them heed, that I listen.

I carried them around inside of me

for days. I was easily distracted,

lost within my own world,

because all I could do was

think about you. You were

in my thoughts and in my dreams,

filling up my words, even those

not spoken or unwritten.

Your love was a constant for me

and it had yet to come to fruition.

You were the one to say the words first,

those three words that evoke a magic

more powerful than any other spell,

more consuming than any other potion.

You looked at me with light shining around you

and you said the three words

that I was afraid to say:

“I love you.”

The light within me grew brighter

and there was nothing I could do,

I couldn’t hold the words back.

“I love you too, Michael.”

With the saying of those words,

a floodgate was opened.

Everything looked different to me,

and the world became something

that I wanted to experience rather than

something I lived in. The sun is brighter and

the world more beautiful because of you.

I never knew that love could be so easy,

that it would be such a gift.

You are a blessing to me every day we are together.

Loving you and being loved by you

is a magic beyond anything I have ever known.

Thank you for filling my life

with a pure and beautiful love.

Loving you is like magic

made real.

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What Love Is – A Poem

There was a moment on my pathsmaller

where things got dark, darker, darkest.

I looked up to the sky and wondered

when the clouds would pass.

I laboured on, despite the shadows

that loomed over the ground,

making the trees that lined the path

look impossibly tall. I walked on,

believing that I had to do

everything by myself, that I

was the only one I could count on.

Over time, things got a little easier

but I was lonely at night,

when the stars came out

to tell me their stories,

dancing across the sky

in an ethereal ballet,

I wished that I had someone

to watch the beauty with,

someone to take in the light

and let it shine out of ourselves.

Still, I trudge onward, knowing that

there was more to life than

shadows and misery. I knew

that there was joy and happiness

and brightness if only I took the time

to look around me to see it.

I walked on, my feet ripped up by stone

and glass, still determined to walk forward

instead of going backward. I just knew

that there had to be something better.

I fought on, my body scarred

and my spirit broken but healing.

I was picking up pieces of

the chalice that had fallen out of me.

I felt like I was following a path

of crumbs, like Hanzel and Gretel,

fleeing from the dark forest towards safety.

I walked on, and began to see

a light that grew brighter with each step.

Slowly, the dark clouds and the shadow trees

fell away until there was only light.

Standing in the middle of the light was you.

You held out the last piece of the chalice

and in your grasp, it looked like a diamond.

“This is yours.”

You said. I took it and felt it

slide back into my body.

You looked at me and reached out

your hand for mine.

“Come and walk with me.”

You said. I nodded and you took my hand.

We walked on and, after a while,

you noticed my feet. You bade me to sit

and you washed them and bandaged them.

“I’ll take care of you.”

You said to me.

We walked a little further, and the

the skies becoming brighter with each step,

I tripped and almost fell

but you held tightly to my hand and said:

“I’ll support you.”

We passed by a brook, it’s surface

like liquid glass. I could see myself

in the waters surface and turned away,

unwilling to look at all the scars

and lacerations upon my body,

marks of what I had been through

and what I had survived.

but you took my face in yours

and looked into my eyes.

“I love all of you.”

A hush fell over the land and a

soft breeze ran through the grass

making it whisper.  As night came on,

we could see the stars above us.

“And I love all of you.”

I whispered.

I looked to our clasped hands

and saw that a light, brighter than the moon,

shone out of them. It flew up

to the night sky and as it did,

it broke into pieces of softest light

that looked like diamonds against

the inky blackness of the sky.

As we looked up to the skies,

to the ballet of constellations

that was taking place,

I pulled you closer,

and watched as the tattoo of our hearts

was matched by the pulsing of the stars

in the sky.


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The Moment You Know – A Poem

When I first saw you,the-moment-you-know

your face was framed in light.

I couldn’t tell if it shone around you

or from within you. All I know

is that I was mesmerized.

Your eyes changed colour

in that light, shifting from

a soft blue to a light green.

We sat down, coffees in hand

and I was immediately entranced

by your voice. It had a deep timbre

and a soft cadence to it so that

it almost sounded like music.

The more we talked, the more I wanted

to know everything about you.

It felt as if I had known you before

though we had just met.

I was so comfortable with you,

I felt safe with you, as if I could

be completely open. I knew instinctively

that you would not judge me, that I was

free to be me with you.

Around us, I heard others talking

but it sounded like music,

soft and lilting. It took me a moment

to realize that the music

came from within me.

As we continued talking,

our coffee cups empty long ago,

I asked you if you wanted to go to dinner.

It surprised me that those words

came from my mouth.

On the way to your car, you took my hand.

You did it softly, hesitantly,

as if you were unsure.

I clasped your hand, just as softly,

as if unwilling to hold on too tightly

less you fluttered away.

Yet your hand felt right in mine,

It felt wonderful. The song from within

increased slightly, filling my body.

When you looked at me,

I could see that light from within you

glowing all the brighter.

Through out dinner, you told me

about your family, about your work.

But most importantly, about yourself.

Then you asked about me,

about what I was passionate about,

what drove me, what made my heart sing.

No other man had ever asked me this

and I was dumbfounded.

I told you that I was a writer

and as I spoke, I watched leaves and vines

begin to grow along the walls

of the restaurant, covering them

until it looked as if we were sitting

inside a garden. I wondered vaguely

what was making the plants grow

until I realized that it was my hope,

my wish that you could be someone

that I would be able to grow with,

that we could grow together.

When you took me back home,

you held my back on the stairs

and you held the door open for me.

I marvelled that I was moved

by such a small act of kindness.

That song within me began to sing

louder still as you moved your face

towards mine. When our lips touched,

it was as if an entire symphony

played within me, singing for us

as we began that dance,

that slow waltz,

of two people who had waited

so long to find each other.

Looking back on that night,

I knew then that I loved you,

and have loved you more

every day since.

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Beyond the Page – A Poem

I remember the momentsmaller

when I first saw you.

You looked at me

with your head framed

by a halo of light

as if you were made

from the sun.

I remember the first time

that we kissed.

It was dark outside

but I caught a glimpse

of the stars and they

seemed to burn brighter

when our lips touched.

I remember the first time

that you told me

you loved me.

Time itself seemed to stand still

and the air around us

was silent but filled

with such longing.

Everything with you has felt

as if it were out of a storybook,

like it was too good to be true.

I have to remind myself that

what we have together

is not being lived inside a storybook,

that it is so very real.

We were lucky enough to find

a storybook kind of love,

yet it lives and breathes

beyond the page.

You are proof

that miracles do happen.

As we embark on the next chapter

of our lives together,

I can’t see what is coming,

but I know that I will have you

by my side.

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The Empress Among Us – A Poem

* This poem is for Jackie. Happiest of Birthdays!rws_tarot_03_empress


You create portals in which

to see the world more clearly,

using colours and paints

to depict the impossible and

that which dreams are made of.

You are the infinite feminine,

full of grace and beauty yet

you have a thread of bravery

that runs through you,

with a warrior’s heart.

We can hear the drum beats

of your strength as you take

each step and we dance

to that beat, that song, that rhythm

that you create for it is

enchanting and intoxicating.

You leave behind colour

with each step that you take,

brilliant gold, supple red,

a soft lilac blue and a purple

that recalls the light at dusk.

You create such beauty

with your portals to other realms

that you make the world

a more beautiful place

because you are in it.

You are the Empress among us

and we are grateful for you.


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