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Hey Everyone! Halloween is my favourite day of the year. Seriously. Its better than my birthday, Christmas, Yule, or Easter. It’s the only day where its alright to pretend you’re someone else without anyone thinking you’re crazy. And you get … Continue reading

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It’s Elementary, dear Watson…

“Your abbreviations are becoming indecipherable. Which is interesting, seeing as you have no problem being articulate.” “Language is evolving, Watson. Becoming a more efficient version of itself.” From – Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu   I’ve always … Continue reading

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Some Halloween Treats! – New Releases!

Hey Everyone, Check it out, it’s October, right? Well, there are lots of tricks and treats going on around here. I’ll probably dress up as Harry Potter again, but that’s another story all together. My upcoming release is included in … Continue reading

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Woman or Worrior? Or The Carrie in all of us

I was taking a look at some pictures last night and I thought I’d take a moment to write a bit about my recent canvass titled “Carrie”. Notice the quotation marks. See, she’s not the real Carrie, but the representation … Continue reading

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The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

  Welcome to Pagford. It is a picture perfect little town: rolling hills, ancient abbey, cobbled streets, charming houses and colourful inhabitants. However, like everything that looks perfect, secrets run rampant through Pagford’s streets, waiting for the moment to be … Continue reading

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The Deep Woods Trilogy: Night of Air and Night of Stars!

Hey Everyone, I’m absolutely thrilled and excited to announce that Cobblestone Press has accepted Night of Air and Night of Stars, books Two and Three in the Deep Wood Trilogy. How awesome is that? Here’s the thing: The Deep Woods … Continue reading

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TRAIN – A Novel

Hey Everyone! I’ve got something fun for you to check out. It’s my new serial novel titled Train. What is Train? Well… We all travel. We all get to where we are going in some way. Train is a novel … Continue reading

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