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The Accidental Trees: Mixed Media on Canvass

I didn’t mean to start another triptych. The idea with my newer canvasses was to use ones that I’d already done and reuse them, paint over what is already there to make something different. Carrie, 1Q84 (The only new one … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Electric!

Hey Everyone, Who doesn’t love free books? And what better way is there to celebrate the coming Spring with free eBooks? Grass and no snow are good, too. Well, check this out. The first two books in my Electric Trilogy … Continue reading

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What is in a name? – or – Remembering Mave

  When I first saw Mave, I was in a state of panic. My friend Christine, who lived two blocks down from me, called early that morning: “You’ve got to come down here, quickly!” “What’s wrong? Is it Shannon?” The … Continue reading

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No Words – Side Tales 3

It was funny, she thought. To think they had thought the radio antiquated, that the sound of something that came from the airwaves instead of tablet, a glowing screen, a glowing screen had ever held any meaning. What she really … Continue reading

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One Word – Side Tales 2

You could open any lock in the world, really. All you had to have was patience. Which was something Daniel didn’t have a lot of-he would be the first to admit it. Which is why it had taken him such … Continue reading

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Tapped In – Side Tales 1

The truth was, he was afraid of technology. He had progressed to the MyBuddy XL3 Tablet Unit but the thought of the MyBuddyHDXL13 absolutely terrified him. He didn’t even have a proper hand unit. He still carried his old hand … Continue reading

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Talking Poems, Serially?

  So why poems and why are they talking? Well, the imputes for Talking Poems was entering a contest. Wattpad was running the Attys, a poetry award. They wanted different styles of poetry and I really only stuck with the … Continue reading

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