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Penny’s Book – Side Tales 4

The problem was, he didn’t know where he came from. He was half of two nationalities on his mothers side and like, twelve on his fathers side. I mean, he knew people that had grown up in Blackwood Hills their … Continue reading

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The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes

Mythology is as old as the sands of time themselves. It is where our history started, our belief systems began, where story came from. They influence our habits, whether we know it or not, are reflected through history in a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Prime Time – FREE NOVELLA!

Hey Everyone! Check it out! Another unexpected novella! I had written Welcome to Prime Time over a period of about three weeks and then it just sat there on my hard drive. I had so much fun writing it that … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone, After writing my young adult novella The Contestant, I realized there was more story to come. More than that, I wanted to find out what happened. So, even though I should have been writing my current Work In … Continue reading

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Rock of Ages, Rock of Awesome!

I saw Rock of Ages last night. It can be summed up in three words: Absolutely F*****g Awesome. Or, for the more polite of you, Best Musical Ever. I was flabbergasted when my boyfriend said he got us tickets. We … Continue reading

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Pulse by Patrick Carman

The year is 2051 and the world as we know it is gone. In its place is a vast wasteland, abandoned buildings of long ago and few of humanity who remain. Most of the population lives in one of the … Continue reading

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Three New Poems for Free Download!

Hey Everyone! Tree new poems are available for free download for Talking Serially! You can check it out over at my web site at The three new poems are Sometimes/Words, The Casual Vacancy and Snippet Bees. Someone asked me … Continue reading

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