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A Random List of Thankfulness

I have been slowly getting better. Or at least as close as I can be. For a while there, I was in a pretty sad state but I’ve been crawling out of the pit I’ve dug and am back in … Continue reading

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The Mystery of The Cuckoos Calling…

After Harry Potter came The Casual Vacancy. It was a powerful follow up to what has now become a classic (so quickly!) series in literature that has touched millions of lives. The Casual Vacancy was just as engrossing, just as … Continue reading

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Cerebral – A Short Story

ce·re·bral [suh-ree-bruhl, ser-uh-] adjective 1. Anatomy, Zoology; of or pertaining to the cerebrum or the brain. 2. Betraying or characterized by the use of the intellect rather than intuition or instinct: His is a cerebral music that leaves many people … Continue reading

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Declare Independence – A Reflection on Bjork

  This may be hard to believe, but last night I attended my very first concert. Sure, I’ve been to shows at bars and intimate settings. I love music and will see it where and when I can. In the … Continue reading

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Everyone Has a Book Inside Them – A Short Story

He found the old bookstore towards the end of the day. Had it not been for a failing ray of sunshine striking a pane of glass, he would never have seen it. It had a front of dark wood and … Continue reading

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