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Boyfriends – What’s love got to do with anything?

I thought I’d take a moment to tell you all about my current work in progress. It’s a novel called Boyfriends and I’m having the greatest time writing it. Here’s what it’s all about: What does it take to find … Continue reading

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Dear 2013

  2013 is almost over. Every year, I write a letter to the year that’s passed. I’ve been thinking of what to write for this years letter for a few weeks now. In the end, I’ve decided just to write … Continue reading

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The Power of a Picture

  I never thought of myself as beautiful. Oh, I liked parts of myself, but mostly I was a bag full of self hate and self deprecation. That has a lot to do with how I viewed myself and the … Continue reading

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Chanel No. 5 and the Sound of Winter – A Poem

I walked to the bus stop. The cold and biting wind sliced into me. It bit into me, it’s teeth like needles in my skin. When I arrived at the bus stop, I was alone. Then I turned and a … Continue reading

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12 + 2 – Happy Holidays from Jamieson Wolf

I love the Holiday Season. It’s full of everything lovely: lights, turkey dinners, time with family and friends, presents, hot apple cider. It’s also time for my annual holiday novella! How cool is that? No, it’s not a warm fuzzy … Continue reading

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The Brightest of Souls – A Poem

I got onto the bus and all the seats were full. I resigned myself to standing but when a woman saw me, she stood up quickly and tried to gave me  her seat. The woman had a stroller in front … Continue reading

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Sword and Sanctuary – A Poem

I held the letter in my hand. It was waiting for me when I arrived home. I knew that he had left it for me, one last gift or something made to hurt. Perhaps a little bit of both- he … Continue reading

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