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Some Winter Heat

Need something to heat up a cold winters night? Why not get your hands on a copy of Ad-dikc-tion? It’s on sale from the amazing folks at Breathless Press! Normally $5.99, you’ll get 14 tales of male obsession for $0.99! … Continue reading

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Petals on the Wind – A Poem

Dedicated to Heather for her help and wisdom with the flowers.   I clicked on the computer. It powered on but it wasn’t my home screen that appeared. Instead it was a sea of flowers: apple blossoms, daisies, dandelions, chrysanthemums, … Continue reading

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Bjork Over Beer – A Poem

She sat across from me, the sparkles under her eyes catching the light like little stars that brightened and faded as the light shone on them “When I saw you this summer at the Bjork concert, you were so different … Continue reading

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Another Turn on the Wheel – A Poem

  Another year wiser, stronger, confident. Another spoke on the wheel that turns and marks our passage through time. There is a light that shines from inside of you, brightening the life of anyone that comes into your sphere. The … Continue reading

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A Muse of Stars – A Short Story

The lights had started to flicker weeks ago. He hadn’t paid them any mind; he lived in an older building, it was bound to happen from time to time. Then, as the lights to flicker on a more regular basis, … Continue reading

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Talking to the Sky – Sometimes/Words – A Poem

  Hey Everyone! I’m doing formatting for my upcoming volume of poetry titled Talking to the Sky. I collected all of my poems from 2013. The poem Sometimes/Words was among them, but it wasn’t written in 2013, so it gets … Continue reading

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Under the Dome: The Book Came First (But the TV Show Rocks)

I’ve been watching Under the Dome Season One. My first impression still stand: I prefer the book-but then again, I’m a book guy. I will always prefer the book. The Harry Potter films, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Princess Bride; … Continue reading

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