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Graveyard of Rings – A Poem

We were going through the jewellery box, the bits and pieces that I held on to. It was a wooden box with six drawers made from unvarnished wood. Each drawer held something different. The bottom one held watches, the middle … Continue reading

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A Gift of Joy – A Poem

I was in a dark mood, had been for days. I walked down the sidewalk and I passed by a homeless woman. I walked a little further and then stopped. Here was something that I could do, something that would … Continue reading

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The Talking to the Sky Blog Tour!

I’m on tour! Well, a blog tour at any rate. I’ve been lucky enough to be doing guest posts on a few blogs to talk about my new book Talking to the Sky. Each of the posts is different and … Continue reading

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Lady Made of Stars – A Poem

I’m walking in the dark. The dusk has left and evening has finally come, bringing the stars with it. As I looked at the stars, I watched one arc through the dark purple sky towards me. I thought for sure … Continue reading

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When You Became We – A Poem

Hey Everyone! It’s my Wonder Parents wedding anniversary today! Here’s a picture of them on their wedding day. I wanted to do something for the both of them to celebrate the day they got married and started on their journey … Continue reading

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The Fool’s Journey – An Essay

I thought the Tarot was all about fortune telling. You asked a question, you drew a card and you read it’s meaning in the book and that was it. It never occurred to me that they could be for something … Continue reading

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The Number of the Beast – A Short Story

* For Alexandra Noseworthy who is beautiful and awesome and filled with light.    They had once called her The Iron Maiden. The name had been a misnomer. She carried an Épée. It was her sword of choice when fencing. … Continue reading

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