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Mastering Self – A Poem

“What is MS?” I was stunned that he didn’t know. I lived with it inside of me every day, every minute. I carried it like a stone or wore it like a shroud. “Seriously? You don’t know?” The truth was, … Continue reading

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Symbols, Keys and Doorways – A Short Story

“You don’t understand what you’re asking for.” James snorted. “I paid you didn’t I? Gave you money in exchange for a Symbol. I want what I paid for.” The wise man walked towards him. The wooden floors of his shop … Continue reading

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In Time – A Poem

I was in a shop that sold time. The shop was filled with tick tocking and soft plinks as grains of sand hit against glass. All kinds of watches were on display. As I looked around the shop, I noticed … Continue reading

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What the Empress Had to Say – A Poem

I kept seeing the same woman everywhere I went. She would leave a trail of cards behind her as if they were flower petals. I would approach her, hoping that she would slow down and I would be able to … Continue reading

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We Are Who We Choose To Be – A Poem

When I walked into the club, all I saw was smoke. It twisted in the air around me like wishes released on a sigh, taking form only when it left the person’s lips. The majority of the smoke came from … Continue reading

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