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Beautiful As You Are – A Poem

She was sitting at her vanity mirror when I walked into her bed chamber. She stared at herself in mirror, frowning. A sad look made her face seem longer than it was. She saw me come into the room and … Continue reading

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Beautiful Leaves – A Poem

The first time I saw you, I heard the rustle of leaves. Looking down at your feet, I expected to see them there, covering the floor, but it was bare. The first time you took my hand, I heard the … Continue reading

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A Pocket Full of Light – A Poem

How are you sir?   I turned around and saw the man who had been working the table in front of me. The table was covered in all sorts of rings and things that glittered.   I’m fine, thank you. … Continue reading

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Keep Walking and Be Fabulous – A Poem

I could hear them as they walked up the sidewalk. One man was wearing a bright red shirt that said “My other car is a Delorean” and the other wore a backwards baseball cap with the words “Yo Bitches” stitched … Continue reading

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Sirens, Smoke and Scarves – A Poem

I was walking along the sidewalk. There was a sound of sirens in the air and the third fire truck I had seen z       o          o          m         e          d by me. A woman I didn’t know stopped in front of … Continue reading

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Magic and Mannequins – A Poem

I passed by the store window and for a moment thought the mannequin’s were real people. I wondered why they were stuck behind the glass. Then it occurred to me what they were, that they weren’t real, no matter how … Continue reading

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The Breath of Magic – A Poem

I stood in line behind a man that smelled of cigarettes. He was swaying from left to right. a bouquet of scope and vodka floating around him like a cloud. The clerk behind the counter smiled at him. How are … Continue reading

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