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The Masks We Wear – A Poem

I used to know someone who insisted we wore many masks in our lives. We wore one mask at work, a different one with friends, another with lovers, one more with parents. I imagined a closet filled with all sorts … Continue reading

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A Nebulous of Words – A Poem

I dream of you while I sleep. In the dream, you take my hand and hold it, letting your warmth slip up my arm and into my heart. Neither of us says anything because there are no words to describe … Continue reading

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Lesson’s Learned and Turning the Page…

So, learned something today. A few days ago, I asked the cards “How do I move forward if my workshop isn’t a success?” At the time I only had one student who registered. By Friday, I still only had one … Continue reading

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Recalculating Route – A Short Story

He plugged the address into the GPS. A few moments later, it spoke: “Calculating route.” It showed a blue line that carved a path on the small screen underneath his radio and CD player. It reminded Jasper of a snake, … Continue reading

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Me on TV!

Hey Everyone! I am beyond thrilled! At the end of May, I had the pleasure of appearing on TV in my first ever television appearance! I was interviewed on Rogers Daytime about my new book, Talking to the Sky, Multiple … Continue reading

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Ice Creams at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown – A Review!

Georgie Hart has it all. After becoming a reluctant reality television star, her life is completely different. She no longer runs women’s accessories but instead helps the posh customers in the personal shopping department. She also writes columns for a … Continue reading

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Letting the Anchors Fly – A Poem

I was at the water again. The waves lapped at the shoreline and I wondered how easy it would be to walk into the water with all that held me down. I was looking so hard at the waves that … Continue reading

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