Magician of Magnitude – A Poem


This is my newest Pay It Forward offering, a poem for Susan Irwin. I hope you like it Wonder Mom.



Magician of Magnitude 


When I was

young, I thought

she was filled with

stars. She seemed

to light up

every room that

she was in.

When I was

a little older,

I thought she

was filled with

sparkles and fairy

dust, able to

make anything that

I wished come

true. When I

was older and

under threat, I

thought she was

filled with fire,

so fierce was

her need to

protect me. Now

that I am

even older, I

know she is

filled with magic.

Able to mend

a broken heart

with mere words,

capable of helping

a tarnished soul

with the simple

act of love,

able to breathe

life into the

seemingly ordinary and

make things magical.

She is all

of these things:

magician of feats,

conjurer of dreams

and most of

all, my Mom.


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