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To the Dark Forest and Back Again – A Poem

I try to ignore the whisper of leaves. I can feel the breeze almost all the time now. I can smell the dark earth of the forest floor. I had told myself that I would never return here, that it … Continue reading

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Dear OC Transpo – With Gratitude

This is a bit different than the stuff I normally post, but a good deed must be acknowledged. 🙂 Dear OC Transpo, I would like to offer my thanks to the driver of the number 1 bus that left from … Continue reading

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The Olive Tree – A Poem

A long time ago, I planted a tree, for the words that you would not  hear. Beginning as a seed, blown into the soil though the dark; it ached with things left unsaid. Over time, the seed grew into a … Continue reading

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Vapour Me – A Poem

I am reminded of what I couldn’t do each time I accomplish a task that was previously insurmountable. Every time I do one of those tasks, I see a shadow of me out of the corner of my eye, see … Continue reading

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Heart of Light and Shadow – A Novella

When they said that the heart of darkness was a real place, he thought they had been kidding. He never believed that he would actually find it after years of searching. Now that he was here, however, he was faced … Continue reading

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