Magical Love – A Poem

Happy Anniversary to the man I love. I can’t believe I’ve been with you for three years when it only feels as if I met you a month ago. I can’t wait to explore all that life has to offer with you by my side. xoxoxo


When I was younger,large

I cast a spell for you.

I wished for a man who was kind,

a man who was sincere,

someone who had a sense of humour,

who liked to laugh,

who enjoyed the sound

of the wind through the trees.

I wished for a man who

would love all of me completely.

I kept that wish,

bright as a star,

inside of a box.

At night, it would brighten my room,

dissolving the shadows.

As the years went by,

I began to wonder

if my spell had lost its power.

I had met many men,

but none that met

the elements of the spell

that I had laid out

all those years ago.

The wish inside a box

underneath my bed

no longer dissolved the shadows.

It had but a pinprick of

light and magic left.

When the wish grew dark,

I gave up all hope

that I would meet you.

Instead, I prepared for a life alone.

The very next day,

I met you.

You stood, glowing with light,

as if you carried my wish

inside of you and the light

was trying to burst free.

When I met you,

I knew that you

were who I had wished for

all those years ago.

We share a magical love,

a love that knows no boundaries,

one that grew from a seed

of the brightest magic

into a star that we

both carry inside of us.

I love you more than words can say

and as we prepare to

let our love grow further,

I can’t wait to find out

what kind of magic

we will create,

brighter than the stars.


About Jamieson Wolf

Jamieson an award winning, Number One Best Selling Author. He writes in many different genre's. Learn more at
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